Union Ridge Celebrates The Arts
Written by Union Ridge School   
 Fine arts play a vital role in the education program at Union Ridge School.  
Through specials classes such as visual art, band, chorus, and Italian language, students improve their ability to communicate ideas, express emotions, and tackle problems in an innovative fashion.   Our top-notch fine arts teachers provide the necessary support and skill practice allowing students to explore their creativity and inventive capacities. 
Recently, over four hundred Union Ridge students, staff, and alumni participated in an evening fine art fair showcasing student talent throughout all grade levels. The program included dance, instrumental, Italian language, and choral performances.
During the fair, school hallways were filled with student art, and the gym and hallways were alive with music and dancing.   Sample of elementary art projects illustrate:
The following video clip  highlights a fun square dance routine from our middle school students:

Performances from the school’s innovative guitar program were one of the many highlights of the Fine Arts Fair.  Union Ridge Band Teacher, Mrs. Rooney, developed a guitar special that inspires large numbers of middle school students to learn to read music and play an instrument.  
The following clip shows the first performance of a beginning guitar class:

This year, Mrs. Rooney even led a group of faculty members in their own beginning guitar class.
In this fashion, Union Ridge students acquire a passion for all types of arts, creating skill sets and interests that last a lifetime.  Union Ridge School is truly a great place to study the arts!
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 April 2014 )
Students Shine At Speech & Drama Competition
Written by Union Ridge School   
 The Union Ridge School Speech and Drama team received three first place and one second place ribbon in four events at the West 40 Speech and Drama Festival.

Students competed in Readers’ Theatre, Extemporaneous Duet, Trio Presentation, and Humorous Duet events. The competition is designed to enrich student speaking, improvisation, and literary abilities.

In the humorous duet competition, for example, students perform a selection from a play, skit, prose, or poetry. Students are judged on their delivery, voice inflection, and facial expressions.

“I am so proud of our overall team effort and enthusiasm,” said Union Ridge gifted teacher Mrs. JoAnn Wilk. “They were really well prepared and it was exciting to see their talent recognized by the judges.”

Congratulations to team members Dimitris, Jakub, Sebastian, Alyssa, Gintare, Jazmine, Nick, and Audrey. Kudos to our coaches, Mrs. Wilk and Ms. Rooney, for a job well done.