St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans
Written by Union Ridge School   
 Union Ridge kindergarten students enjoyed learning about Ireland by participating in some St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans.
Students dressed in green and searched for the leprechauns that run wild throughout the school before the big day.  These leprechauns are elusive creatures that have the power to grant humans three wishes if captured.   So students set leprechaun traps, hoping to catch one.
While the traps did not work this year, the students collected evidence of many near misses, including gold coins and all kinds of green candy and trinkets.   One time they thought they had a leprechaun for sure, but it was only Mr. Maguire who got his hand caught in a trap opening.
On St. Patrick’s day, students were very angry with the leprechauns for having a party in the kindergarten classrooms and leaving a big mess that they had to clean up!
Students also learned some Irish songs and danced a jig or two.   Thanks to our amazing kindergarten staff for keeping the tradition alive and making some memories that will last a lifetime!
Last Updated ( Friday, 21 March 2014 )
Students Shine At Speech & Drama Competition
Written by Union Ridge School   
 The Union Ridge School Speech and Drama team received three first place and one second place ribbon in four events at the West 40 Speech and Drama Festival.

Students competed in Readers’ Theatre, Extemporaneous Duet, Trio Presentation, and Humorous Duet events. The competition is designed to enrich student speaking, improvisation, and literary abilities.

In the humorous duet competition, for example, students perform a selection from a play, skit, prose, or poetry. Students are judged on their delivery, voice inflection, and facial expressions.

“I am so proud of our overall team effort and enthusiasm,” said Union Ridge gifted teacher Mrs. JoAnn Wilk. “They were really well prepared and it was exciting to see their talent recognized by the judges.”

Congratulations to team members Dimitris, Jakub, Sebastian, Alyssa, Gintare, Jazmine, Nick, and Audrey. Kudos to our coaches, Mrs. Wilk and Ms. Rooney, for a job well done.